The Journey of NIT Goa Toastmasters Club

After running around behind almost everyone in the 2016 batch of National Institute of Technology, Goa, the few members who were desperate to charter the club were making an attempt to create something which no other college students in Goa had done. After knowing about our plans, our friends From GEC showed up immense interest in being a part of Toastmasters International via the upcoming club in out college.

After jumping over all those scary roadblocks, we were finally able to charter NIT Goa Toastmasters Club with the support of our Director Dr. GRC Reddy and our Faculty Mentor, Dr. Sarani Ghosal. As we were walking towards our Directors Office with the proposal in our hands we were quite tensed as to what the response would be. However the director extended his full support and encouraged us to start the club and have our club meetings after college hours in the Conference Hall. 😀

Be it the positive and supportive atmosphere that every Toastmasters club offers or be it the feedback mechanism. The benefits of joining Toastmasters are Immense. Noticing this, new membership requests kept coming in and with our dedicated immediate past VP Membership TM Karan Katiyar:

We were able to attract even more members. From organising the Showcase event for our youngest batch, Class of 2018, to organising the Humorous Speech &  Evaluation club contest we were growing and had become one of the most well planned & organised clubs activities in college.

But why did I even think of introducing Toastmasters in our college when I could focus more on self improvement at an existing advance level club in Panjim?

Why do the club members encourage their friends to join and experience Toastmasters?

Why do we not create a replica of Toastmasters &  make it free of cost?

I could answer all these questions but would refrain from doing do. For the simple reason that I don’t think I would be able to do justice to these questions. The essence of Toastmasters could be best experienced than narrated by someone.

Do you think the fees is not affordable? Well, if you look at your weekend movie ticket expenses, that would end up costing you more than being a part of Toastmasters. And the amount of self improvement that you would see in yourself after joining? Well you’ll see it in you once you join.

If you think the meetings aren’t fun, you need to check our Facebook page or better, visit us as a guest (We treat out guests with free snacks :P).

We meet every week, keep watching the notice boards to know the date and timings. See you around! 🙂